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Coffees have empowered me to learn my technology stack. I mainly work with JavaScript, NodeJS, React, NextJS, relational and nosql databases and PHP.

Combined with lots of front-end development I am highly interested in matching backend development and technologies to round off the full stack for great projects.


I believe that anything you can imagine on the web is possible if you have clearly defined goals, the right technologies, and a strategy.


Frond-end development

I'm all about seamless user interfaces and smooth navigation for website projects? To achieve this goal I rely on the latest tools and industry standards in front-end web development and turn websites into web apps. Hierbei nutze ich vor allem React, Next.js, ChakraUi und JavaScript.

Headless CMS - visually represented as a revolving staircase upwards without end

Headless CMS

Headless CMS is the foundation for me to enable clients to easily update website and app content while using cutting-edge front-end technologies that are highly scalable, secure, flexible and future-proof. It no matter if the headless CMS is WordPress or Strapi.

Design System

Design systems

Design systems not only provide a cross-platform, enterprise-wide design language. In times of digital media, they enable scalability in technological terms and are the ideal complement to my component-driven design and development approach.

Full stack visually represented as a lighthouse

Full stack

I value implementing solutions from A to Z and creating products that achieve your front-end and back-end goals. As a full-stack web developer, I therefore develop both client-side and server-side. I love combining cutting-edge front-end technologies with rock-solid back-end solutions, for example in Node.js or PHP with SQL and NoSQL databases.

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