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Under the pseudonym Fred, I publish digital artworks that I create using a variety of methods. I often search for untrodden paths while processing what I have experienced. My artworks often invite you to enter strange worlds and discover invented places. In some cases, my works also take a critical perspective on political, social or cultural events.

Fred Art





This is how I am described

Friedrich Siever is a strong minimalist and the creator of fantastic spaces, in which with artistic means, the state of existential loneliness and the different moods that accompany it from anxiety to beguiling charm, are vividly conveyed.

In the bright colors of the author, on the other hand, a life-affirming awakening and inner strength can be traced. The recurring motifs of the works at the intersection of Minimalism, Op-Art and Surrealism sharpen the senses, captivate the eye and put the viewer in an almost hypnotic trance.


My art in a nutshell

3D art

What fascinates me about 3D is the effect of light and shapes. I finally decided to learn how to use Blender for more than just drawing simple shapes. 3D art is a term that refers to three dimensions in a piece of art that is represented by two-dimensional methods such as text, paintings and photographs. I use 3D software at a very basic level and refine renderings in 2D painting software. Seldom do I do animations and 3D motion designs.


For me, minimalism is a chance to focus on the essential. I'm all about a certain perspective, a certain theme or even a certain mood. The minimalist movement has influenced many areas of my life, including my designs and my approach to clean code. In my opinion, minimalism is key to the well-being of the planet, and this dedication to a minimised life is what I incorporate into much of my artwork.

Art & technology

Both art and technology define my world to a great extent. What I recognised as real or solid ground yesterday is always pushing new boundaries due to constant innovation in the understanding of nature. New inventions and experiments always create the basis for new rules that create a different space for aesthetics, the virtual, the scientific and logic.


What fascinates me about surrealism is that the individual motifs do not fit together. The combination of unknown or contradictory objects, themes, landscapes and motifs creates an alienating contrast through their constellation. The lack of correspondence between representation and reality offers me the opportunity to achieve an artistic individual vision of my unconscious.


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